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Immersive Experiences

Positing themselves as meaning-bearers, immersive technologies are a key determinant of success and a critical catalyst in shaping the economies and communities of the future.

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ADV, Virtual Production, Artistic Installations:

Through these spatial expression technologies, various new possibilities are offered that may satisfy commercial needs from ludic as well as fictional and artistic levels. It is argued that novel representational systems will have a particular status compared to traditional media because of their vast interactional properties

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Virtual Reality Solutions:

VR is already a classic and the backbone of immersive interfaces. It offers endless possibilities for non-conventional communication strategies, gamification systems, retail, industrial solutions, etc, in addition to setting new paths for product discovery and brand communication.

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Assets Creation for Gaming industry:

From concept, modelling, sculpting, retopology, rigging and texturing to in-game Integration, we provide the complete 3D pipeline for gaming assets.

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Virtual Entertainment:

VR entertainment experiences provide customers with solid user engagement both in terms of narrative coherence and succession of events. VR incorporates a great potential to increase brand value and consumer involvement, whatever context it is applied in.

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Gamification Solutions:

The application of game-design elements and game principles in different contexts, in order to generate sets of activities and processes to solve problems using game elements. Those involved in communication need to understand how to use these new phenomena to bring value to both businesses and end point users.

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